Customer brief:
Mr Korpal approached us with the task of converting his dated practice into
a modern one.

He wanted to have a clean look but not cold and with an inviting feel to
it. The practice shares the same premises with his other business which is
a dental surgery. He had lots of stock but didn't have anywhere to
display and store it.

Design Challenges:
The shop is relatively narrow and long, so we needed to produce sufficient
display space and two dispensing desks without obstructing the flow of
.customer traffic. Also we had to make the design seamlessly fit with
the dentist part of the shop.



We used our base cabinets with shallow drawers to enable as much stock
as possible to be stored and so we could have the base cabinet only on
one side of the shop. This saved a significant amount of space so we could
fit the dispensing desk together with the display panels on the other
side without blocking the flow of traffic. Also this solution enabled us
to move the other dispensing desk to the back of the practice.