Standard Conditions of Trading


Design Drawings:

All the images [sketches and designs] are the property and constitute the original work of Sigma DAC Ltd. (hereinafter 'The Supplier') and may not be used, reproduced or distributed without the prior written consent of The Supplier. Any unauthorised use, reproduction or distribution may constitute an infringement of The Supplier's intellectual property rights contrary to the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 and/or the Community Design Regulation."


Quotation, Scope of work and Specification

• All The Supplier's quotes (i.e. Products, Packaging, Delivery and Fitting) are exclusive of VAT.
• Prices quoted are subject to a full and final site inspection. If any additional works are to be deemed necessary or requested, an additional quote with new list will be produced for customer approval prior to works commencing.
• Customer is required to inform The Supplier if any of the quote, scope of work and specifications needs Local Authority or Landlord's approval. Customer also should provide names and contact details of the person(s) which can authorise the work.
• In the case of partial shop fit we will require that the customer provide us with the current compliance certificates (Electricity, Fire etc)
• The Supplier is not responsible for the quality of the materials which are specified by the customer


Installation :

• The Supplier will provide the time scale for the installation of the products. If the client ask for an additional work to be done we will inform the client of the cost and wait for the customer approval before commencing the additional work.
• The customer shall provide us with full, free and uninterrupted access to the site at all times. In the case that we need to pay for the parking charges we will claim that sum from the customer
• At the time of commencing and duration of the work we require that at least one person with authority from the client side to be contactable should any unforeseen problems arise
• We also require that at the end of the job a person with authority is present to approve the completion of the job



All the materials and products which are specified and delivered to the customer are the property of The Supplier until the customer fully pays according to the invoice.


Bespoke or items made to order:

Items which are not standard and have been specifically made or customised to order cannot be cancelled once the payment is received from a customer. The Supplier will not refund payment if the production is started. For items that are built to specific dimensions given by the customer, it is the customer’s responsibility to check that the measurements are correct.


Payment terms:

Upon placement of order an initial payment of 45% of the total invoice value is required. Second instalment payment of 45% is payable as specified on the order/invoice confirmation. The balance of 10% is to be paid upon delivery or installation or completion as specified on the order/invoice confirmation. The Supplier reserves the right to suspend manufacture or installation should the deposits is not received as contracted. Any loss and expense suffered by The Supplier as a result of such suspension under this clause will be added to the contract sum Deposits paid are non refundable under the terms of this agreement. Should the customer chose to use finance company it must ensure that they are prepared to operate the same terms of payment. Alternative payment arrangements are possible but will have to be approved by us.



All services and products are carrying standard manufacturing warranty which will be specified once the order is confirmed and the deposit paid. The warranty starts from the date of the job completion.